WeavRun App Review: The Music Will Drive You to Run Your Best Tempo!

Disclaimer: The WEAV Run app is currently free but I will be receiving a lifetime subscription in January 2018 as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

What is WeavRun?

An app created by the co-founders of Google Maps, Weav Run uses a special technology that can automatically adapt the tempo of the songs based on the rhythm of your steps while running. The tempo can range from 100BPM all the way to 240BPM. The best part is that while the bass beat may speed up or slow down, the vocals are not altered and never sound like The Chipmunks are singing!

The running music app proven to help you run faster, further and struggle less!
— WeavRun

How Does It Work? 

Simply download the app from the app store. (For now, it is only available for IOS systems. Don't worry, android users! Weav Run will soon be available to you as well. The Weavers want to make sure they have the app running as smoothly as possible on one platform before releasing their android version.)

Once it's downloaded, you can choose if you want the app to detect your tempo or you can choose to set the tempo at whatever target you want. For me, I prefer setting my optimal tempo so I could try to match the beat throughout my run. It serves as a constant reminder to keep my feet moving quick and light.

Another cool feature that will be available is the Dynamic Workouts. These include 9 different types of interval workouts that will get you chasing the beat as you run. I absolutely LOVED this feature for midweek interval run! Three different levels of interval workouts are available so runners of any level will have options. I will definitely be using this feature regularly. 

After your run, the app provides a summary of your workout including mile/km splits (I'm training in km so I chose that setting in the app), total time and average cadence. It also stores your runs in its history so you can go back and compare results. 

WeavRun is also fully integrated with Strava and is compatible with other popular running apps like MapMyRun, Nike+ Run Club, Runkeeper, Runtastic and more! 

What Music Can I Listen To?

Unfortunately, you are not able to create your own playlist or use your own songs on the app. When I first downloaded the app, I was a bit disappointed to learn that I only had access to 4 different tracks since I live outside of the United States. However, as a Bibrave Pro beta testing the app, I was granted access to over 40 more tracks that are absolutely brilliant. And if you are a US resident, you may have even more options!  Weav Run has partnerships with at least three major music labels and they will be building out their library of adaptive tracks to include a wide range of favourites!

My Final Thoughts

Earlier this year, I had a knee injury that landed me in physio for a long time. No runner likes to be injured and certainly not while training for a major marathon! I had a tendency of over-striding which created a domino effect of issues ranging from hamstring tightness to hip pain and knee instability. He recommended that if I truly wanted to stay healthy, I needed to take the time and work on my form and technique, and speed up my cadence to optimal rate of 175-180 steps per minute. This was so difficult for me at first as my previous average was 165-170. 

I really wish I had the Weav Run App at the beginning of this journey to help me! Before Weav Run, I either counted my steps while running for one minute (tough to keep good form when you're constantly looking at your watch!) or I used a metronome app to set the beat for my tempo (wow...was that monotonous!). But with Weav Run, once I set the tempo, I did not have to worry about matching my playlist or checking my watch at all...I could just RUN! I love that at the end of each run, I can check what my actual tempo was compared to what I was trying to match. This feedback really helps me identify when and where my technique breaks down on my run. 

Weav Run is for you if you enjoy running to music and use the beat to help you keep on pace. It can also be used for other sports like cycling and skiing. I am currently experimenting with using it for the body conditioning classes I teach because I can set the tempo to the exercises. It is also great for beginning runners who are just learning about running form as it provides a great rhythym to follow. I love how versatile it is for the different activities I enjoy doing!

This is a new product and the Weavers are committed to making the user experience as positive as possible. They are very open to feedback and work hard to fix any glitches that might occur. I would recommend you download it while it is still free and give it a try!  

Have more questions? Join us on Twitter for #Bibchat on Tuesday at 8pm CT as WeavRun will there to answer any questions you might have! See what my other Bibrave Pro friends thought of the app as well. 

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