OOfos Project Pink OOlala Sandals: Feel the "OO" but not the Stability

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There is nothing better after a long run than a massage. Your muscles earned it and your mind needs the relaxation. OOFOS knows just how to provide that kind of massage for your feet!

Many people may think that all flip-flops are created equal, but that truly is not the case. Take a quick minute to watch this video to see what separates OOFOS from other types of sandals.

OOFOS are made from a synthetic rubber that is designed to absorb impact and aid in recovery. This technology combined with a bit of a negative drop in the heel allow the muscles in the foot and calves to stretch, allowing for increased blood flow and, therefore, better recovery.

OOFOS has an awesome line of products called Project Pink, where $10 from every pair of this line is donated to Dana-Farber Cancer Research Center. I ordered the OOlala Project Pink style because I thought they were pretty. :) It never occurred to me to consider whether there was a style more suitable to my needs or not.

There is a reason OOFOS says “Feel the OO”, because immediately upon wearing them, you can literally feel your foot relax and curve right into the foam, massaging every inch of your foot. But when this happens, you must remember that this creates an unstable surface upon which you are walking. And for me, this was in fact, NOT a good thing.

You see, I have been dealing with some severe instability of my left knee due to a traumatic patella dislocation 25 years ago. While I am “healed” from that injury, I have a hyper-mobile patella (kneecap) that does not like to stay in the correct tracking line. Over the years, I always thought it was just a sensitive knee, but an MRI showed that it actually is causing me significant issues that could only be solved with targeted strengthening of the surrounding muscles and avoiding situations where it may become unstable.

I did not realize that the type of sandal I chose would exacerbate this issue. Because of the nature of the OOFOAM technology, OOFOS sandals will definitely expose some weaknesses or imbalances in your body. So while I LOVE the way the sandal feels on my feet, I do not like the way that my knee feels when I wear them. The lack of stability in the sole leads up to my knee and hip and causes me pain in the area that I am working to correct.

I contacted OOFOS to find out if perhaps there was a different style they would recommend given my knee issues because I REALLY wanted this product to work for me. The customer service at OOFOS went over and beyond for me, even calling me via Skype to discuss my concerns. The OOFOS physio stated that the OOriginal style would be much more beneficial for my needs and suggested that I give that a go instead. The top of the OOlala style only has one main strap, which enables the foot to move around even more during wear. The OOriginal style has two straps which may help secure my foot to the sole a bit better, therefore creating a slightly more stable surface for my knee. So, I am waiting to try the OOFOS again and will follow up with another blog review to let you know if the OOriginal works any better for me.

Bottom line

OOFOS are a fantastic product as long as you don’t have any knee or hip stability issues. If you do, be aware that the OOFOAM technology could irritate those areas where instability is an issue. For those of you who do not have such concerns, I highly recommend giving OOFOS a try. They really do feel like clouds on your feet! 

Want to know how OOFOS work for people without stability issues? Check out my fellow Bibrave Pro Reviews to find out. They tested out a variety of styles and can offer their insight!

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