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There are few products in the running world that are as versatile as BUFF USA’s Full BUFF®. I’ve seen them hanging on displays in sporting goods stores near the hunting and fishing sections, but never realized what a fabulous piece of gear it is for ALL outdoor activities. I was very excited to review the Merino Wool BUFF® and compare it to my Original Full BUFF® and Half BUFF®. 

The Merino Wool BUFF® Specs:

  • 100% natural merino wool

  • 12+ different ways to wear

  • Water repellent, odor resistant, flameproof, UV protection

  • Durable with natural stretch and elasticity

  • Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter

  • Thermal protection from cold and wind

  • Semi-seamless - small, unnoticeable seam at top and bottom of Merino Wool BUFF®

  • Quick drying

  • One size fits all adults

  • Classic BUFF® headwear shape, but with few extra inches of length for cozy protection

Benefits of the Merino Wool BUFF®

The Merino Wool BUFF® is a fantastic product for any outdoor enthusiast, male or female! While I personally use mine primarily while running, I also wear it out casually on the soccer fields to keep my ears warm and my hair out of my face while I'm watching my kids’ play. I’m a big fan of wearing caps, but on windy days, they can fly right off my head! The Merino Wool BUFF® is a perfect alternative for windy conditions. 

It is also a product that is suitable for all ages. My 10 year old son liked using it to block the sun out of his eyes so he could sleep during a 9-hour road-trip in the car. We travel quite a bit so having a simple, lightweight BUFF® to make sleep a little easier on the go is a huge plus!

Care Instructions

Caring for the Merino Wool BUFF® takes slightly more effort than the original. According to BUFF_USA’s website, here is the best way to keep your Merino Wool BUFF® in optimal condition:

  • Hand wash in warm water with mild soap

  • Lay flat to dry

  • Do not use fabric softeners

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not iron

In my opinion, this is the only drawback of the product. I have a difficult time with any type of “high maintenance” laundry items. No matter how hard I try, they almost always inadvertently get washed incorrectly. In fact, this actually happened with my Merino Wool BUFF®. It got mixed in with a load of laundry and even went into the dryer! The headwear was not damaged, per se, but I definitely noticed that it was slightly more stretched out than it was prior to the wash.

Bottom Line

The Merino Wool BUFF® is a great item for any outdoor enthusiast, particularly one who might be exposed to cold conditions. The 100% Merino Wool is ideal for wicking moisture while also keeping your warm. Hikers, cyclists, fishermen, and even spectators of any outdoor event would benefit from the Merino Wool BUFF®.

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