With Presently Fit Personal Training, you can work out in the privacy of your own home or in a beautiful outdoor location. 

All Presently Fit Personal Training Packages include:

  • Personalised Health Assessment - Accurate review of the client's present fitness level including BMI, individualised exercise program and nutrition advice.
  • SMART Goal Setting - Creating individualised program with specific needs of each client's goal in mind. 
  • Technical Coaching - Direct coaching to establish effective movement patterns aimed at improving overall posture, muscular coordination and strength.
  • Variety of Exercises - Meeting each client where they are on their fitness journey, and progressing them from simple to more advanced sessions using an array of equipment and exercises.
  • Weight Loss Work Outs - Full body workouts designed to burn the maximum amount of calories possible in a session and improve strength and fitness.
  • Semi-Private Packages Available - Working out is always more fun with a friend! Training with a friend keeps you motivated and accountable! 

Email Laura at presentlyfittraining@gmail.com to create the personal training package that's right for YOU!